Company - Il Moera


The Moera was born in 2010 as a restaurant and over the years it has been transformed in search of its own identity.
In 2014 it became a restaurant-garden and in 2016 the definitive turning point with the birth of the farm. The Moera rises in Avella and among the hazelnut groves, the vineyards, the olive groves, the orchards, it broadens its horizon to the mountains that surround its territory.
From the undergrowth we collect its precious fruits, including aglio orsino, which inspired the owners who made it the basis for pesto and sauces

In the hilly part of Avella and Sirignano there are large extensions of olive groves planted in terraces with dry stone walls, our company owns secular mono varietal olive groves “Nostrale di Lauro”, the latter require considerable work commitments due to the almost impossibility of working with mechanical means.

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