Giardiniera and Cod - Il Moera

Giardiniera and Cod

The Moera giardiniera


200gr Cod

Q.B. Anchovy fillets in oil

5 Green olives

1 Curly escarole white

5 capers

5 black olives

1 Lemon

Q.B Pepper 

Q.B. Extra virgin olive oil

Q.B. Lemon oil


Boil the cod starting from cold water, bring to a boil, turn off the gas and wait 10 min. of cooking.

Drain the cod, bone it, and let it cool. Then add the ingredients.

Serve with a deep plate, arrange the giardiniera previously drained and the raw escarole white cut into small pieces, arrange small pieces of cod in an orderly manner, add sliced anchovy fillets, green and black olives, add oil, lemon juice and pepper .